Upcoming segments on RTPi

Helder moutinhoIn the last few weeks we collected footage for a number of segments for RTPi’s “A Hora dos Portugueses,” and finished editing a couple of them. Coming up next is a 3 minute segment on Hélder Moutinho’s fado performance at the Revival Bar on College St., focusing on the importance of that cultural export to the Portuguese diaspora and vice versa. This segment will air on December 10.

aula da inesWe have just finished the 3 and 8 minute segments on Portuguese language teaching in Canada (Toronto), where we interviewed Ana Paula Ribeiro of the Instituto Camões, Prof. Manuela Marujo of the University of Toronto, and Prof. Maria João Dodman of York University.


Matanca do porcoWe have also filmed the Matança do Porco at the Casa da Madeira Community Centre, where we will feature the individual stories behind the making of such community events and the many hours of volunteer work that goes into running an ethnic club.


We filmed a Saturday tutoring session of the On Your Mark program at St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School, where we learned about this expanding academic-support program from the perspective of the coordinators, tutors, students, and parents.

NUNO CRISTO_largeAnd we are currently editing a segment on the musician, instrument-maker, ethnomusicologist and educator Nuno Cristo.

We will circulate links to these episodes once they have been uploaded onto RTPi’s website.


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