The Portuguese Canadian History Project | Projeto de História Luso-Canadiana

The Portuguese Canadian History Project | Projeto De História Luso-Canadiana (PCHP|PHLC) is a community outreach initiative that started in 2008, and is coordinated by Gilberto Fernandes, Susana Miranda, and Raphael Costa. It is committed to locating historical sources in the hands of private individuals and organizations in the Portuguese-Canadian community and having them placed in the care of the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections at York University.  Organizations and individuals like the Portuguese Interagency Network, the Portuguese Canadian Democratic Association, Domingos Marques, Ilda Januário, David Higgs have entrusted us with their collections.

While the PCHP|PHLC continues to pursue collections, we have begun to use some of the material collected to develop a curriculum for public viewing meant to showcase the Portuguese-Canadian experience.  This online display is one tool in that program.  The PCHP|PHLC can be reached at

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    Congratulators on spreading the culture and Values of our Portuguese People. Good information and very important to other nationalities to know about us. By doing this project will be a tool for our Luso Canadians to know the Portuguese roots. Anyway we Cisco Media would like to help by promoting this and future projects. You are also welcome to post information in our Facebook page: Cisco Media ( Proud to be Portuguese Canadian )
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